WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW Do you know that our mind is distinctively and creatively filled with different ideas and insights. Ok, what I mean is what your thinking is uniquely different to what I might be thinking. There is loads of ideas and insights in the mind of people. These different ideas and insights in us which if used creatively used and produced can help in transforming our world. Take a look at people who Cherish what they say what they do and are making what you can call success, these people have a mind that works like yours, even not up yours. You should know that you are among the people who are productive mind that is capable of making that unique insights and ideas to reality. And here is what make difference between you a mere thinker and a successful executor. One of the most current and productive ways you can be successful with your ideas and knowledge is WRITING. Writing is no longer a tool to be put behind the curtain. It is becoming more relevant day by day. J. k Rowling became a billionaire through writing. Stephen King, is an international best author through his writing, he was once a teacher and laundry worker, even Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the world known best Nigerian writer came to that great pedestal of success through writing, imagine a person who was aspiring to study Medicine becoming an international writer and speaker due to her devotion to writing. Many more are examples of people telling us that WRITING IS NO LONGER FOR THE ELITES. YOU CAN ALSO WRITE AND BE PUBLISHED. The ideas refuse to write and produce will leave you and go to a better person who will write and publish. When this happens, the writing will be recognized in by magazines, published and even receive awards. Whereas if you had written it, you would have received this accolades. It’s a good decision to decide to write and to be intentional with your writing dreams. To lessen your worries and problem of publishing, Librarimall, a publishing company is dedicated to editing and bringing your art to the world to cherish. At Librarimall, your work will receive recognition from the target audience and your rating goes from zero to give. Write and be published. – Librarimall